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Ah, so you want to know about Seth... the riddle, wrapped in an enigma, surrounded by a mystery and served with a side order of curry fries and an ice cold Coors Light. Congratulations, you are obviously a fan with discerning tastes!

Many words have been used to try to capture the essence of the Man On Bass. Seth O'Lesselbaum. Sethel-baum. Gandalf. The Bass Player Afflicted With An Uncontrollable Leg Spasm. Seth of Ballyhebron. Mr. Kotter. Not to mention several other names that, if Googled, would direct you to some very interesting websites. Oh yeah, Seth's been called it all... and usually called collect, from one of his drunken and recently incarcerated friends. (See also keywords "Brenda-the-Webmaster" and "Upstate New York/Bill Mound and friends")

When not bailing his friends out of drunk tanks or rescuing them from other dens of iniquity, Seth can be found selling real estate (here's my card, call me - oops, wait, that's my band card) and of course, holding down the bass (base?) end of Bangers and Mash.

But how, you ask, did a nice young Jewish boy from Brooklyn get involved in a Celtic rock band? Oh, it's a very long and convoluted story that we are unable to tell in its entirety, due to pending litigatin from a former bandmate (see keywords "Edd Carney" and "sworn to secrecy"). We can tell you the highlites, though. Ready? Okay... Brooklyn, catholic school girls, swing band, mafia bars, The Village, The Clancy Brothers at Carnegie Hall, Rum Bastards, Debbie Harry, Death by Disco, Edd Carney, Seabreeze, Redbreast, Hiring Fair, crazy people, Boston, Long Island again, more crazy people, Bangers and Mash.

There... all caught up?

More important to Seth is not so much where he's been, but where he's going. He won't discuss details, but he did admit that he and several musician friends are working on a collection of sea shanties set to Klezmer music, tentatively titled "Whaling Wall". Former bandmates Jonathan Danforth and David Marlowe (Hiring Fair) are rumoured to be involved with the project.

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